Wedding Décor Ideas And Tips

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Finding the perfect décor for your wedding is going to be one of the greatest challenge that you will be facing. If you are someone, who is not very creative then you will struggle even harder with completing your décor to satisfaction! But thanks to the World Wide Web! You now have immense know how’s and how to do videos showing you exactly how you can get the perfect décor.

Well, here are some guidelines and tips that will help you out from planning to executing your wedding décor perfectly!


The very first thing that you need to do when planning on your wedding décor is to decide on your budget. You need to identify how much you will be able to spend on décor. Then this will help you to decide on what kind of décor you should get and more importantly from where. And if your budget is accommodating you can even hire a professional to get the décor in place. Always make sure that you list done each and everything that you spend for and know how much you have left to spend for décor. This will greatly help you in deciding what you can go ahead with and what you should avoid.


Next you need to decide on the theme that you will be choosing. Go for a theme that is not only lovely to look at but also gives yourself and your partner a good look. Because those colours will be incorporated into your clothes as well. Always ensure that the theme you choose is one that you can easily find things for. When it comes to flowers and other small décor items they can be easily spray painted that colour. But when it comes to drapes or ribbons and wrappers it will be practically impossible to get the exact colour that you need. So, go for a colour or set of colours that is not too hard to find. And if you have drapes that match the theme don’t forget to put them to curtain dry clean Singapore place to make them look as good as new!


You several options when it comes to choosing a theme. You need to first choose a base colour, this will be a colour that should be light in shade and soothing to the eye. And this will be used as the base in almost everything in your wedding. For instance, ivory, off-white, beige or even a light shade of gold are fit to be the base. Then you need to choose a colour that will add to the contrast like peach pink, purple, royal or navy blue, emerald green, yellow or etc. make sure that this colour that you chose is one that matches you and your partner well, because this is the colour that will contrast you from the base. You can have a third or fourth contrast or even base colour. But avoid choosing more than four or you will end up looking like the rainbow! Your curtain cleaning place might also be able to cleanse your table cloths and runners for you as well! So don’t worry about choosing lighter shades.

Keep it simple

A final piece of advice: keep it simple! It will add to the glamour of your wedding!

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