Various Processes Attached With Quality Silk Screen Printing

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When you look at it you often wonder how simple it is to print on a sheet of paper, but again when we try to replicate it on a sheet of cloth it becomes quite difficult. If we have a laser printer it is quite possible that we can easily print dozens of designs and also take equal number of copies without too much of effort. But when we try replicating it on a piece of cloth we could find it very different. Even if we are able to do it, we will have to buy a new machine and further we may have to spend a lot of time printing each and every cloth. It is here that the role of screen printing has a role to play. The technology pertaining to this method of printing has gone through many changes and today using the latest computer software and computer technology it is quite possible to do large scale screen printing within the shortest period of time. To understand this better it is very important for us to first understand how this type of printing works and what are the various applications where it could be used on a continuous and regular basis.
When it comes to T-shirt printing or other types of printing where the fabrics of different types are used, there are quite a few important points that must be kept in mind. The fabric that needs to be printed is held together tightly by a wooden frame. On top of this frame, a thin sheet of plastic is affixed. The plastic sheet has cut holes where you want to the ink to appear on the fabric. The holes can be made with the help of a scalpel, which well and truly is a tough and demanding task. Or a light plastic coating could be used which is sensitive to ultraviolet light and the holes could be cut with the help of such ultraviolet rays. Once this is done the screen is pressed on the fabric. This results in the flow of inks through the holes onto the fabric. For multiple colors this may have to be done a number of times, usually starting with the lightest color and then moving on to the darkest.
The next alternative is to use iron on transfers, which is nothing but those T-shirt shops that do roaring business in beaches and other tourist centers. The design on the shirt is created with thin thermoplastic inks which have paper packing. When the design in heated, the bond gets bonded to the fabric of the t shirt of other apparels. Hence this well and truly is a lost embroidery Singapore price option that one could think of.
Hence there are quite a few modern technologies that are available, which makes silkscreen painting so very popular. The modern technologies have enabled us to make them very cost effective and use them on a mass-scale basis. Therefore, there is hardly any doubt that this technique can be used by anybody who can lay hands on the technologies that are now available at very affordable rates.

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