The Birthday Bash Of The Modern Day

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People are constantly in a phase of evolution. They are constantly changing with the demands of time. Because as time goes on, the way people do things also changes. The way people behave also changes. And with these changes come different expectations and demands. With time you expect things to happen in a certain way and not how they used to happen before. And you just refuse to listen to someone who says that this was how things used to happen. Because you are someone who lives in the current trend and you want things to happen the way it’s supposed to happen according to the modern times. This has become something of a constant in today’s world, where everybody wants to be a part of the latest trend and outdo one another with how they go about their business.

Walking into a kids birthday bash is enough to tell you how far things have changes from say about five to ten years ago. Because at that times a regular birthday bash of the kid in the neighborhood would consist of homemade goodies such as cookies and sandwiches, along with a lavish birthday cake. The birthday cake would be the most expensive things on the table and if the parents could afford it they would have ordered a yummy flavored cake from a event catering Singapore for the occasion. But they wouldn’t go to any other great lengths, to make the occasion more special. The birthday boy/girl would obviously be wearing new clothes, but that’s about the extent of lavishness that parents go for when it comes to a kid’s birthday.  

These days it is so different form the times gone by that sometimes you are unable to believe some of the scenes that unfold in front of your eyes at a kids birthday bash. The whole thing is so lavish for the themed decorations to the food that has been delivered from an best Italian restaurant Singapore that sometimes you wonder if the celebration has anything to do with the kids or is it just an excuse for the adults to enjoy themselves. Because you hardly find anything that the kids are going to enjoy in these parties. Whereas you see that the adults in attendance are having a jolly good time.  

This is how the modern day birthday bash has evolved to be. With all the luxurious things that children could have, it looks nothing like the birthday parties of the past, and maybe there is just no turning around and showing the kids what it used to be.  

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