Issues Facing Employees Working In A Team And How To Overcome Them

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Working within a team or group with focus on a singular goal is relatively challenging especially if the individuals are from diverse communities and backgrounds. Leading such teams to succeed in fulfilling an annual goal or organisational objectives requires niche skills gained through experience and with advice from superiors and skilled experts. Conflicts generally expressed in way of insults, bullying, noncooperation and anger could relatively be caused due to personality differences, deficit in resources or remuneration, decreased productivity, project failures, work disruptions, leading to termination among a wider range of issues causing emotional stress within a team, group or organisation.

Some of the most common issues that result in conflict can be discussed below. They are key issues that organisations face when it comes to team building activities Singapore and working in groups.  

Goal related: most often conflicts are results of objectives of the organisation or the task at hand not being clearly communicated. When the purpose of bringing the group together is not clear, it can cause unwanted resentment and barriers to perform as required.  

Power: when teams are formed clear line of authority needs to be made known to all individuals. How individuals react to leadership and person in charge will greatly depend on how well he or she is accepted in that position.  

Responsibilities: if individual responsibilities are not clearly laid out this can cause work overlap and undue stress among the team members. Accountability and testing of effectiveness of the individuals will also be difficult to ascertain if clear tasks and responsibilities are not allocated.   

Communication: if a clear policy of communication is not in place there is likely to be issues or misunderstandings taking place. Employees need to know where to look for information and how they need to communicate with each other and their superiors.  

In dealing with situations as such policies, trainings, group team building activities and events are explored in depth in arriving at the perfect solution in continuing operations as a team or unit. Planned group activities and events, replacing a monotonous daily processes are proven to rejuvenate employee minds enabling them in achieving corporate and even personal objectives and goals. Planning on suitable group activities can be a daunting task but a memorable experience if carefully selected whilst also enhancing bonding between workplace colleagues and enabling resolving of many issues.  

Though there are many actions or activities introduced to form and lead a team to perform at their optimum, organisations need to understand that one off events or outing are not sufficient. Therefore HR needs to plan internal and external activities in a continual manner in order to sustain and build a culture that is centred on teamwork. You can learn more by visiting 

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