Future Employment – Changing World Economic Dynamics

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The world as a whole has become well and truly a global village, any economic changes in some country or a region is bound to have an impact on our own job scenario and economic condition. It is now becoming virtually impossible to insulate our country from changes that take place outside the world. An obvious reference point is the movement of crude oil prices over the past one year or so. It has never seen such a steep fall in the recent history. Hence, while the sudden and violent drop and increase may positively impact some countries and region, it could cause lots of problems for some others too. Hence, when one looks at future investment in commodities, shares and other such items, these global factors should also be kept in mind. Though you could be investing in the local market, there is no doubt that a lot will depend on the global factors and there is no way you could be insulated from it. Even if your government of the day is doing a good job there could be some external factors that could impact your investment returns. Hence this is something that should be always kept in mind.

The next important point that should be borne in mind is the scope and size of future employment. Those who belong to the older generation have a straight jacket definition of employment. It is all about going to the office or workplace in the morning and coming back in the evening and then being satisfied with a periodical income by way of salary, which could be weekly, monthly or fortnightly. However, this concept of job and employment is changing and it is becoming more and more informal.

Slowly the concept of a permanent job is slowly vanishing except for a handful group of people. Gone are the days where an employee could get started in an organization and retire from it. The future job environment will not permit it and the internet and other technologies will open up more home based jobs and opportunities. This is advantageous to the employers because they will not have any specific overheads or burdens by way of permanent staff.

Hence theses changes are something that any future government in Europe will also have to take into consideration. There will be a greater migration of people from town to the countryside because of informal and paying jobs that will be available at the doorsteps. Hence governments will have to invest quite heavily on electronic infrastructure to allow more and more people to reap the harvests of such informal but stable and paying jobs and career opportunities. Hence at the end of the day there is no denying the fact that things will drastically change on the ground given the complex dynamics of global economy and other such factors. Staying a cocoon and trying to insulate oneself would be impossible and earlier the countries and governments realize this, the better they would be placed to serve their people better.

by Blacknoodles on March 11th, 2015 in Investments & Finance Services

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